Sunday, October 10, 2010

Planting Peony Roots

Planting the peony root.

Finally, the peonies have arrived.
First, select your location. A must - a location with at least 6-8 hours of sun. Choose location where the peony will not compete with any large roots. And remember, peonies do not like to be moved around. You can use an empty plastic pot, move it around the garden till you can picture your peonies sitting in the perfect spot.

Secondly, check your soil. Peonies do not like to sit in water. The roots will rot. You want soil with good drainage (amended clay; not sandy soil). Add cured compost to the soil. Mix it thoroughly. It is a good idea to prepare your soil while waiting for your peony roots to arrive.

You can also check About Peonies for more information. You've prepared the planting bed. Now, the critical part. This section determines if your peony will flower or not.

How do you plant the roots?

  • 1. If the peony root arrived in a bag and you are not able to plant it right away,refresh it with a little water.

  • 2. Remove the tags. Secure the tags for plant identification.

  • 3. Scoop out enough soil so that when you put your peony the root will be sit ting with just 1" to 1 1/2" inch of soil covering it.

  • 4. Position the root in such a way that the eyes are pointing upwards.

  • 5. Cover with soil.

  • 6. Water well.

  • 7. Keep moist until frost.

  • 8. Leave it alone till spring.
Key to this: Plant the root with just an inch or two of soil above the root. Peonies planted too deep will yield you leaves. Nothing more.
Be careful with the watering. Peonies sitting on a basin of water will cause the roots to rot.

View a video on How to Plant Peonies on YouTube.

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