Peony Farm and me, Amy Hall

I just attended a seminar on "doing business in the internet:.  It comes with things you have to do such as create your website, branding, etc.  But the thing that really stuck is:  Who am I?  and What is company about?

So, I thought I'd take advantage of Google's Page and create an "About Me" page.
My name is Amy Hall and I am passionate about Peonies. So much so, that when faced with the idea of looking for a job after my then employer went out of business, I decided to open a peony farm. To make it obvious and also because the Olympic Peninsula didn't have any other peony farms, I called it "PEONY FARM". The idea of having visitors come to the farm and enjoy the peony flowers and share their enthusiasm about peonies energizes me in a way that my old job never did.

I'd love for you all to visit me and my peonies at the farm at 2204 Happy Valley Road, Sequim, WA or my online peony store:

I just acquired 45 more new varieties. That makes it over 90 varieites now. So, next year, when I say I am holding a "Peonies On Parade" event, you are going to see a whole lot of gorgeous peonies!

Remember,  I will be waiting for you all to come and visit!